Friday, November 5, 2010

Victoria's Secret - Beauty Rush - Wet/Dry Shadows

This collection of eye shadows from VS is supposed to be usable wet or dry, but I find them much easier to apply wet and they're also a lot more vibrant in color that way. My skin is a light olive complexion and most of the colors show up really well on my skin.

I made these swatches by applying the shadow to my skin with a wet eyeshadow brush. No primer was applied beforehand.

left to right, 1st row:
Crystal Ball, Gold Rush, Hot Ginger, Flower Girl

left to right, 2nd row:
Violet Femme, Blueray, Glamerald, Jade-a-Kissed

left to right, 3rd row:
Smokin', Bronzinger, Espresso Lane, Plum Crazy

(above - without flash)
1 - Crystal Ball
2 - Gold Rush
3 - Hot Ginger
4 - Flower Girl
5 - Violet Femme
6 - Blue Ray
7 - Glamerald
8 - Jade-a-Kissed
9 - Smokin'
10 - Bronzinger
11 - Espresso Lane
12 - Plum Crazy

(above - with flash)


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