Thursday, February 3, 2011

How to use NYX loose powder eyeshadows

How to apply or foil NYX ultra pearl mania or chrome loose powder eyeshadows

My experience with these eyeshadows has been that it's best to apply them wet, also called "foiling". Applying them dry is fine if you're using a good primer, but without a primer you may get a lot of fallout. Also, I just think they look much prettier foiled.

To foil them, you need to apply them with a wet brush. DO NOT dip your wet brush into the bottle. Just tap a little pile of powder out of the bottle onto a clean surface, or onto the back of your hand. What I like to use is a little plastic paint palette.

You can usually find these at any arts & crafts store. I have a small one that fits perfectly into my makeup bag.

I've also picked up a bunch of tiny spoons from a vendor on ebay. These are actually designed to be worn on jewelry, but I found that they're the perfect size to use with the NYX loose powder bottles. That way, you don't run the risk of dumping too much out of the bottle at one time. It works great too with the NYX chrome loose powder eyeshadows, which come in a shallow jar, rather than a bottle, so they're harder to measure out. For $4.99, you get 150 of these little spoons, it's a great deal.

Here is a lovely tutorial on foiling some NYX lime green loose powder eyeshadow. You can skip to 02:14 on the timestamp to go straight to the part that deals with foiling the shadow.


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