Sunday, September 18, 2011

Inglot eyeshadow swatches

These were taken using Urban Decay Primer potion. My skin is a pale olive complexion. Click to enlarge.

with flash

without flash

376 is a very dark grey. Matte.

463 is like a light tan color. Faint shimmer.

390 looks like a taupe to me. Matte.

452 is a dark burgundy. Pearl.

409 is dark brown. Pearl.

46 is a very light iridescent pink. Pearl.

405 is an orange-y copper. Metallic.

360 is a dark taupe. Matte.

54 is like a purple-y greyish brown. Hard to describe. Looks more purple in the pan than on my arm. Pearl.

62 is a matte black with pink micro-sparkles.

412 is lime green. Pearl.

44 is emerald green. Frost.

49 is a goldish olive. Frost.

23 is a gunmetal grey. Frost.

356 is a very pale pink. Matte.

446 is dark purple with burgundy shimmer. Frost.


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